SVC is blessed to be represented by many wonderful quartets that range from those who sing for friendship to those who are highly competitive – including two international champions and many regional medalists!  

Read more about these groups below. They help make SVC great by their dedication to the barbershop craft. 

*SVC Members noted by asterisk

Moxie Ladies

2009 Sweet Adelines International Quartet Champions (Retired)

Tenor: Stacey St. John

Lead: Jennifer Recker

Baritone: Amy Leacock*

Bass: Gretchen Holloway*


2006 Sweet Adelines International Quartet Champions (Retired)

Tenor: Kendra LaPointe

Lead: LeAnn Hazlett

Baritone: Kerry Denino*

Bass: Patty Britz-Stensaker



Lady A Cappella

2016 Region 4 Quartet Champions (as Glamour)

Tenor: Stacey St. John

Lead: Deidra Ekins

Baritone: Kerry Denino*

Bass: Gretchen Holloway*



2015 Region 4 Quartet Champions

Tenor: Shannon Lange*

Lead: Chelsea Selvaggio*

Baritone: Tracy Marcarello*

Bass: Connie Brant*


2022 Region 4 Quartet Champions

Tenor: Amanda Kauffman*

Lead: Laura Kitchel

Baritone: Amy Leacock*

Bass: Serena Davis*

Lipstick Scoundrels

2022 Region 4 2nd Place Medalist

Tenor: Nancy Appel*

Lead: Christine Pirot

Baritone: Christina Scheiderick*

Bass: Jennifer Davis



Tenor: Julie Zalewski*

Lead: Carol Becker

Baritone: Jo Anne Gunderlock

Bass: Karen Johns


Final Cut

Tenor: Rhiannon Light

Lead: Shannon Underwood*

Baritone: B.J. Willke*

Bass: Pamela Crugnale

Note To Self

Tenor: Kim Marria

Lead: Betsey Fowler

Baritone: Cindy Givens

Bass: Richele Reynolds*

Blue Phoenix

Tenor: Rilea Lombardy

Lead: Tina Lowe*

Baritone: Lindsey Miller

Bass: Beth Miller