Our Director

The Scioto Valley Chorus is pleased to present to you our director, Kerry Denino. Kerry is a charter member of SVC and has been with the chorus since its inception in 1988. From the beginning SVC wanted to look and perform like the top choruses in the organization. Therefore our choice of music, costumes and choreography throughout the years has been guided by that principle and helped to mold us into the chorus we’ve become. Perhaps that is why

the Scioto Valley Chorus consistently places in the top five when they compete in Sweet Adelines International (SAI) Competitions. When it comes to snap and sparkle, Kerry certainly knows how to bring out the best in each of our members, blending a wonderful sound that pays homage to the American art form of barbershop singing.

Kerry has been surrounded by ringing chords since childhood and jokes that she came out of the womb singing. At the age of 13, she was harmonizing with her mom and growing her own love of barbershop music. Kerry sang in high school and college choirs and was even selected for the OMEA All-State Choir. She also earned many regional champion quartet medals and international finalist awards in her first real barbershop quartet, Success Express. She later became a “Queen of Harmony” with Spotlight quartet when they won the Sweet Adelines International championship in Detroit in 2005. Kerry’s accomplishments also include the title of Master Director of Scioto Valley Chorus, which she earned the first year she directed SVC. Kerry also keeps busy coaching many choruses and quartets around the country, which explains her quote: “A minute does not go by when I don’t have a song in my head! It’s my life!”

Char Gurney is our Chorus Director Emeritus.  Char had her start with Sweet Adelines International in Rochester, New York, in 1969. From there she came to Columbus, Ohio, and spent the next 15 years with Columbus Chorus until 1988 when SVC was formed. Char’s musical roots are in southern gospel and folk music, where she participated in high school and college choirs. Her high school quartet was called “The Beauty Shoppers”, perhaps hinting at where her interests were heading. As well as earning the coveted title of Master Director in our great organization, Char is also a Retired Certified Expression Judge and shares her knowledge with others by coaching quartets and choruses all over the world.

The Scioto Valley Chorus is very proud to have Kerry Denino as our Director, and to continue to have access to the expertise of our Director Emeritus, Char Gurney. We cherish the loving example they have set forth, creating one big musical family. Together this chorus has accomplished great things. Our future is wide open, our performances are varied and our goal is to provide our audiences with top-notch barbershop harmony.